About Us

Commodore is an investment banking boutique focused on the transportation sectors. Commodore is active in both domestic and cross-border markets with expertise encompassing areas such as leveraged leasing, project financing, and other private market financing functions. Commodore advises its corporate clients on structuring and placing debt and represents institutional investors. Commodore is also active in specialized advisory services including lease termination, restructuring, residual monetization joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

The staff of Commodore is comprised of highly motivated and knowledgeable individuals. Commodore’s professionals bring a wealth of corporate and investment banking experience to each assignment. Commodore’s professional staff averages twenty-five years of leasing experience and over fifteen years of equipment portfolio management. To each assignment, Commodore brings established expertise for valued-added solutions based on strong analytical and documentation skills. We are committed to developing long-term client relationships based on superior performance.

Part of Commodore’s success stems from the unique way in which we seek to truly understand our client’s needs and then interpret their mission by providing quality investment banking advice and by searching for solutions throughout the broader market. As a U.S. based globally oriented firm, the way we do business will differ from client to client, from country to country, according to the particular benefits of each market, its accounting treatment and tax laws.

What distinguishes Commodore from traditional investment banks is the direct involvement of principals in every transaction and our many years of experience in the leasing industry, particularly the maritime and aviation segments. Clients of Commodore are typically corporate entities, domestic and international banks, leasing and insurance companies. Commodore is dedicated to financial structuring in the commercial finance market and provides its clients with broader leasing/asset based resources than most major investment banking firms.

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